Partners in Healing Invisible Brain Injuries


Koterra Integrative Wellness and Restorative Centers is a non-profit entity providing a functional medicine approach to individualized healing. Koterra was created to address the gap in non-pharmaceutical healing for invisible brain wounds by utilizing advanced technologies with modernized services to deliver integrated non pharmaceutical healing programs. Koterra is deploying a unique feature by merging former NFL players in need of healing with our nation’s heroes to treat their invisible wounds side by side.


Veterans, athletes, first responders and citizens are not being informed or treated with brain wound healing therapies that are scientifically proven to be safe and effective. Worldwide science and clinical medicine demonstrate that the tools exist to usher in the next generation of treatments focused on healing brain wounds. Safe and effective medical and societal interventions will permit the wealth of mental, physical, behavioral, spiritual, emotional, cognitive and psychological interventions to be used to restore quality of life to the wounded.


Strategic partnerships with like-minded scholars, universities, community and medical societies will permit a laser focus on diagnostic excellence: both of the patient and of the organizations, processes, legislation and funding sources that will accelerate brain wound healing. We believe that these insights and treatments are significant to restoring brain and whole-body health.


It is our mission to provide first class care using evidence-based science and technology. Our individualized offerings explore the full spectrum of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental influences that affect a person’s vitality with priority given brain trauma and related illness.


  • Healing Invisible Wounds

  • Completely evaluating brain injuries

  • Providing alternative treatments

  • Accelerating research on brain injury and associated injuries


Our vision for the future, is to be “The” affordable, innovative, healing center that provides functional medicine in a systematic way to change lives and heal brain wounds. Providing individualized treatment programs will enhance quality of life, for the individuals and their family, communities, and generations to come.



We are kind and caring to everyone we encounter. We lead with empathy, and respect others’ perspectives.


We look beyond the present to ensure we provide elements to support robust change and growth.


We build trust through responsible actions, transparent communications, and honest relationships.


We are driven by the desire to serve others, to learn from our challenges and successes, and to inspire change.


We empower and encourage each other to take ownership of our actions and to honor our commitments.

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Our individualized treatment plans offer a structural, streamlined approach to reduce suicide through brain-wound healing while offering services the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and medicine will not or cannot provide.

We are leveraging  community resources to dramatically reduce costs while creating a new medical paradigm for mental health. Costs initially will be paid for by donations. The intention is to continue pressure on the VA to pay for treatments, and to ensure HBOT-for-TBI is put on-label and is insured.


about us

The founders have each experienced the dire need for alternative treatments for treating brain injuries, PTSD, and moral injuries. Watching the devastating, sometimes deadly, impact these invisible wounds have on individuals and their families, including future generations, motivated us to create Koterra to help close the gap and provide scientifically proven alternative treatments.