Koterra Integrative Wellness and Restorative Centers

A functional approach to individualized healing.

OUR Mission

Koterra is a nonprofit created to fill the gap in healing the invisible brain wounds. We utilize advanced technologies alongside modernized services to deliver integrated healing programs. 

Koterra is deploying a unique feature by merging former NFL players in need of healing and our nation’s heroes to treat their invisible wounds side by side.


The Koterra program begins with an extensive intake process prior to healing the brain directly. Those in our care will spend a month being treated by a variety of medical and other interventions appropriate to their unique injuries. 

We perform advanced diagnostics and rigorous testing to obtain objective baseline tests and an integrative analysis of the root cause to understand the impact of the injury on our client’s cognitive state and behavioral changes. 


The benefits of our treatments are clear.  

Our individualized treatment plans offer a structural, streamlined approach have shown to reduce suicide resulting from brain-wound trauma.

A few of our disruptive innovation treatments include:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Cold lasers
  • Electro-stim
  • Low-level microcurrent
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Neurofeedback/Neuro-cognitive training
  • Self-care modalities including physical activity, dietary, and behavioral components
  • Moral/spiritual restoration including guided counseling, online lessons, and community groups


From the battlefield to the gridiron, every day we hear about PTSD, TBI or CTE.  

This is a small, but powerful, collection of brain injury stories. 

Please take a moment to scroll through.  


We believe these treatments are critical for immediate and long-term healing. We help fill the gap by offering our treatments when insurers, the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) cannot provide the necessary services needed for healing. 

Every day we continue to put pressure on the VA to pay for these treatments, and to ensure HBOT-for-TBI is put on-label to be recognized and insured, but until that happens, we must rely on the generous few, like yourself.

Help Koterra by donating to support a hero in need of healing. We are thankful for a few donors already helping pay for the current treatments of our clients.  


The founders have each experienced the dire need for alternative treatments for treating brain injuries, PTSD, and moral injuries. 

Watching the devastating, sometimes deadly, impact these invisible wounds have on individuals and their families, including future generations, motivated us to create Koterra to help close the gap and provide scientifically proven alternative treatments.